pregnancy: month eight.

DUE DATE:  june 22
WEEKS:  31 - 35
GENDER:  boy!


the heartburn is inconsistent these days. i have it maybe twice a week now, which is totally managable.

swollen feet.  when i look down, i see the michelin man's feet, not my own. i can actually only wear about three pairs of shoes at the moment because- well, i cannot even slide my feet into my cute summer sandals.

melasma. aka: pregnancy mask. i noticed these tiny patches of freckles on the tops of my cheekbones. i googled it and sure enough, it's caused by all my raging hormones. i actually find them kinda cute, but there are some cases that are really severe. jared calls them my pregnancy freckles. :)


peanut butter + salads. [not together, of course.]


since baby boy is head down [has been since around 32 weeks] - i mostly feel his little feet up by my ribs/upper stomach. my entire life, people have made fun of my ribs because they stick out and have a funny shape. this has actually proven to be a great thing during pregnancy. no rib punches; no pain. just sweet little kicks and BABY HICCUPS. 


the insomnia has went away for the most part. i have started waking up around six and not being able to fully go back to sleep, but that's better than being wide awake for over an hour at two in the morning. it's difficult for me to get comfortable, but once i find a good position, i'm out like a light!


i still have my small rotation of shirts. i had to break down and buy another pair of maternity jeans because the other pair were so darn tight. BUT. those jeans were the same size i was before i got pregnant, so if i was that size up until 35 weeks, i'm totally okay with that. :)


the birth. i have met with our doula and am so, so thankful she is a believer. she is going to do everything possible to help my have a natural birth + spiritual experience.

sleeping comfortably. i mean, i'll have newborn, so sleep will not be happening often, but i'm so looking forward to sleeping on my stomach again.

not hearing "oh, you're so big!" RUDE. from what i can tell, people mean my bump is like a watermelon, but seriously people - do NOT tell a pregnant woman she is big! the only comment anyone should make about a pregnant woman's appearance is that she's cute/beautiful/glowing.

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