Thursday, August 31, 2017

a month in review // august 2017

pretty liles growing in our new backyard  //  delicious latte made by husband  //  late night blogging
mirror selfie with the cutest baby ever  //  THAT FACE. i just can't handle it!
this stuff is SO good! i'll drink it even after i stop this dairy-free diet  //  pink drink on my beeday  //  fairmount coffee co.


//  we closed on our new home! [with a newborn. yes- we are insane.] we were living with my sister-in-law and her family for about two weeks so jared could work on minor home improvements to the house we sold. it was SO fun living there. i always had someone to watch jackson, but even more so- i had people to hang out with and talk and such. i'm not gonna lie - i love our new house - but i kinda miss living there. but jackson goes to their house three days a week, so it's all good. :)

//  i started back to work full time. that first day was a little rough, but it has honestly been a lot easier than i thought! i practically run into the house when i get off work because i just miss my baby so much. i think it's easier because my sister-in-law and a church friend watch him during the week, so i can rest easy knowing he's with people we trust. i was also working part time at home and going into work a few hours a week during my maternity leave, so that made the transition easier, too.

//  i celebrated my golden birthday - 31 on the 31st! we had dinner with jared's parents, and we are going to OKC for a little day trip this weekend.

//  jackson turned two months old


::  i am having the best time decorating our new home, but i'm learning that it doesn't have to happen overnight. i work on the office + jackson's room little by little each week. this is also a good lesson in terms of buying new decor. i could drop some serious cash if i tried to decorate all at once, but i love the thrill of finding little gems that are more our personalities. [like this dino planter. obsessed.]

::  jackson cried a lot in the first month and half. i realize babies cry, but he seemed to cry a little more than what was normal. for weeks, i was afraid to take him anywhere because i knew he would start fussing and i'd have to leave. we tried everything. EVERYTHING. i finally decided that maybe it was something i was eating, so i have been eating dairy-free for a couple weeks. you guys. he's like a different baby! i feel so bad that his tummy issues were my fault, but i didn't know. i'm just SO thankful that he is happier.

::  going dairy-free is a lot easier than i thought it would be. [although- if it weren't for jackson's health, i probably would have quit on the second day.] once i figured out what i can eat [there is dairy in everything, y'all! i had no idea.] it was a piece of cake. [sadly, i cannot have cake. now you get how dedicated i truly am.] i actually kinda enjoy it right now. mostly because jackson is doing so much better and i am losing more baby weight. holla!



-  jackson's two month check-up.
-  move into our new home!
-  launch team: dance, stand, run. - jess connolly.
-  back to work - 21st.
-  celebrate my golden birthday: 31 on the 31st.

-  blog one-two times each week.
-  keep up with medical bills.

-  prayer.
-  water.
-  10-15 minutes of 'me' time.

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