photos from maternity leave.

i was fortunate enough to have eight weeks of maternity leave. i worked from home once jackson was two weeks old. as if having a newborn isn't crazy enough, we started the process of selling our house + buying a new home when jackson was just four days old. [picture this: we went to look at a house + immediately said yes. but here i am - no makeup, hair a mess, baggy clothes, kinda hunched over because, hello, i just had major surgery and a baby four days ago. it was a sight to behold.] i start back to work today, and i know i'm going to be looking at alllllll the photos on my phone throughout the day, so i want to share them here, too. here are photos from my maternity leave.

 jackson's first week of life.

 week two.

 weeks three + four.

weeks five + six + seven

gimme all the coffee.

of course, i still gotta take photos of flowers. 

our new house + jackson's first outing in public [target, of course] + date night 
looking at mama + shopping with my niece and trying on prom dresses + downtown wichita


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