Saturday, August 12, 2017

currently | august 2017


-  this rock 'n play sleeper. it has been our lifeline with jackson. he sleeps in it a lot, and it's portable, so it goes with us everywhere!

-  jared. he has been so helpful [and understanding/forgiving/amazing] since jackson was born- especially when my hormones were all over the place.

-  all the help everyone has given. i haven't really mentioned this on the blog, but it was a real struggle in the first few weeks with jackson because i couldn't figure out why he would cry. i thought babies slept a lot, but if they are unhappy, they make sure you know. now i can go thru a list of things and can usually soothe him. had it not been for our families to give us tips/advice, i would have gone crazy. [well... crazier. :)]


-  fresh flowers sitting on our kitchen table.

-  a sugar blossom candle from target.


-  a cute baby human lightly snoring as i hold him at the moment. [or as the moby wrap holds him. haha!]

-  in the name of love - kari jobe.  //  this song is my JAM right now.


-  cupcake wars. we just got hulu, so i'm finding the most random tv shows + binging.

-  younger. don't judge me. it was the only thing that seemed good at the time. and then i got hooked.


-  when i made the graphic for this blog post, i legit had no idea what month it was. such is life with a newborn.


-  lots of coffee. because i'm a new mom + because it's freaking delicious.

-  a dr. pepper as i type this blog post. i quit pop many moons ago, but husband found a leak in our toilet- just one of the many things he's had to replace/fix in the seven days we've owned our new home- so it's going to be a long night. i realize that's a horrible excuse after i typed that out. feel free to judge me on my poor drinking/tv show habits.


-  jess connolly's book: dance stand run. i am on the launch team. i'm not typically a fan of many current christian authors because i find their content too fluffy, but i love me some jess connolly. i'm a total fangirl. i have only read one chapter of the book, and i just know this is going to be something special.

-  jackson just fell asleep, so i might actually get to finish this blog post on the same day i write it!

-  FALL.

-  my birthday, which is at the end of this month. y'all know what that means? CAKE.


-  this pin is my life.
-  all the home decor posts.
-  this gorgeous home featured on design*sponge. it's in my city!
-  amanda summed up my thoughts perfectly.


the cutest dinosaur socks from forever 21. a cozy sweater. cuddling with my baby boy. decorating our new home [despite the seemingly never-ending repairs]. strawberries + nutella. finding the prettiest lilies in our backyard. taking walks with jackson. date night with husband. finding other moms who won't judge me for all the things moms are judged for these days. taking "me" time every day.

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