Sunday, July 30, 2017

life lately.


jackson turned one month old yesterday. i'm simultaneously baffled that time has flown so quickly while also thinking that it has felt like ten months instead of just one. those first two weeks were so dang hard, y'all. i wanted to soak up all the little moments, but i was so deprived of sleep. i was getting about two hours each night, then jared would take him in the early morning so i could sleep for another hour.

i cried every single day for those first ten days. on the tenth day, i broke down. jared asked me if i was depressed, and after talking thru it, we realized that i just had some baby blues mixed with the stress of taking care of a newborn, recovering from an unplanned c-section, and selling/buying a home. [more on that below] once we talked, it was like the clouds lifted. i felt better. i even brushed my hair- which i hadn't done since jackson was born.

the past week has been glorious though! jackson has slept three to four hours at a time, which in turn gives me about seven to eight hours of sleep a night. it may not be consecutive, but it's more than enough. the first time he slept more than two hours, i immediately checked to see if he was still breathing [first time mom probs] and then woke jared up to tell him i got over two hours of sleep. hahaha!

breastfeeding is going very well! we finally have a good routine with feedings. real talk: i always naively believed that because i am small-chested that i'd have a hard time breastfeeding a child. i was wrong! i am so, so happy that jackson latched really well from the moment they placed him on my chest. of course, there were a few days the first week that i dreaded nursing because oh, mylanta - sore nipples are no joke.


i mentioned something about selling/buying a home. since jackson was four days old, we have been in the process of selling our house and buying a new home- WITH A NEWBORN. yep, we are are insane. we close on both homes next friday. and we've been living with jared's sister and her family - this is awesome because a) her family is the best! and b) i have had so much help with jackson. it's a win-win. except for the part about buying/selling a home with a newborn. because that mess is bananas. stress levels with a new baby are at a ten, but add this other craziness and it's off the charts. insanity, i tell ya.

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