2017 powersheets check-in: first quarter.

i have mentioned powersheets a lot on the blog this year, and i wanted to share how they have impacted my life during these first three months of the year. this is not a sponsored post. i get no compensation for this - i just want to share how awesome this process has been for me in hopes that it will benefit someone else.

for years, i set goals with no purpose. when posting monthly goals on blogs became a thing, i basically blogged them because everyone else was. there was no thought or why behind the goals. i never really completed those goals because there was no purpose behind the drive to accomplish what i set out to do. powersheets help me stay motivated. i see more of the why behind my goals + dreams. i always ask myself, "am i setting this goal with a purpose in mind or just so i can check it off my to-do list at the end of the month?" it keeps me accountable and motivated to live on purpose.

2017 GOALS

when i set my 2017 goals, i filled in all ten boxes. two weeks later, i had this uneasiness about the goals i set. i think my brain saw the empty boxes and felt the need to fill in every single line. i have narrowed my initial ten goals down to six.

JESUS.  more of Him, less of everything else. more time in God's Word. wild worship. daily prayer.

LITTLE BY LITTLE.  daily home tending to keep a tidy home. purge the clutter. 

LOVE + SERVE JARED WELL.  pray for him. cook. find ways to make him smile.

SELF CARE.  drink lots of water + take vitamins. rest. create. read. blog. take lots of photos.

PREPARE FOR THE ARRIVAL OF OUR SON.  complete baby registry. get nursery in order. pray, pray, pray.

COMPLETE A FEW TASKS ON MY 101 IN 1001 LIST. see the list here. i still need to add about 20 more tasks.

what i like about the powersheets - though structured - allow for room + margin. during the next quarter's goals refresh, i may just have one goal for those following three months. [no doubt- it'll be some form of keep newborn alive. haha!] structure + flexibility are opposites, but i'm learning that with the help of my powersheets and prayer, they can live cohesively and complimentary.

here are my tending lists from the first quarter of the year:


i knew january would be one of two months in the year that would see the least amount of action. [the other month is july - because that's when i'll have a newborn, which takes priority. the only goal i'll set that month will be keep the baby alive.] work was insane this month, but i did make progress on a few goals.


i was so motivated in february! i'm learning that i don't have to fill in every line of my powersheets. that would become overwhelming + unnecessary. i've found it also helps to make it pretty with colored pens + stickers. it's silly, but if it works- it works!


march was a good month. i could feel procrastination + excuses start to creep in my everyday life. i cut myself a little bit of slack in the middle of the month because of jared's shift change, but then got back on track. 


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