a month in review // march 2017

a baby bump, spring blooms, maple donut, more blooms, baby boy, even more blooms, ice cream + HP, milo bean, camping



//  i left work early on a beautiful spring friday afternoon to walk around botanica.

//  we took our first camping trip of the season. we stayed at cheney lake two nights with my sister-in-law and her family. it was so much fun to relax + spend time with jared's family. i took way too many photos of flowers + went on a photo walk with my niece.

//  i started my fourth bullet journal!

//  i dropped my very expensive macbook. [insert crying emoji] but i'm so thankful for a husband who immediately looks up how to fix it + orders the parts. he is the best, i tell ya. i am also super thankful for a tech-savvy brother-in-law who fixed it for free!

//  jared + i randomly stopped by paradise donuts after church one sunday afternoon. YOU GUYS. i got donut holes because... why wouldn't i? they're freaking donut holes. it was SO good. they sell coffee from one of our favorite local spots, too. we found a new saturday morning chill spot! as we were pulling out of the parking lot, jared asked if i had saved any for our friends. "umm, there are two left, so..." he couldn't believe how fast i inhaled those donut holes. hahahaha!

// since jared started a new shift at work, we spent an entire saturday adventuring around wichita to celebrate our anniversary. we started the morning slowly. we slept in + enjoyed a cup of coffee in the living room. we had lunch at sweet basil + watched the new power rangers movie. we ended the evening cuddling in bed until we fell asleep.


::  chill with bob ross on netflix is so mesmerizing + relaxing.

::  cleaning/de-cluttering while listening to a podcast is a great combination. one of my biggest goals for this year is to purge our home of all the stuff. you know what i mean- the "maybe i'll use this sometime" junk that never actually gets use. or the things stored because it was a gift or whatnot. i'm tired of holding onto material things that have no value. we are also trying to make room for another human, so there's that.

::  new market square on a saturday afternoon is ridiculous.

::  jess connolly was talking about how she visits three different grocery stores each week. i found that crazy, but she [and lots of her followers] said it saves money. i convinced jared to try it once, but instead of three, we would go to aldis and dillons. we normally spend between $90 - $120 on groceries each week. between the two grocery stores, we spent about $120, but you guys- we got a lot more food than normal. so now i'm all about that shop-at-multiple-grocery-stores life. [until i have the baby. then- ha. no.]

::  there is something therapeutic about documenting the everyday happenings of my life. i don't record every. single. detail. but i note funny occurrences, quotes, scripture, random adventures, thoughts, happenings, goals, dreams, to-do's, etc.

::  jared started his new shift. it has been a little difficult. i get to see him maybe a total of an hour each day during the weekdays. but i know this is not forever. it's taught us to enjoy the time we have on the weekends. plus he makes me coffee every morning before work, so there are a few good things about this new shift for sure.

::  how i know i'm an adult: waking up at 8:30 is considered "sleeping in" these days.



::  complete baby registries. [target + babies-r-us].  this was overwhelming + fun all at the same time.

::  visit botanica.  i knew i'd accomplish this goal because FLOWERS.  

::  read 1 book.  i finished the new harry potter book/play. it's HP, so i give it no less than five stars!  

::  celebrate 2 years of marriage

::  listen to 3 podcastsone  //  two  //  three 

::  clean up gmail accounts.  i am so happy to open my gmail app and see an empty inbox.  

::  start a new bullet journal.  see my fourth bu-jo here.

::  lent study with amen paper co.  not so much. i'm a little disappointed in this study actually.


::  powersheets check-in.  
::  blog 1 - 2 times each week.  
::  keep up with month-in-review post on the blog.  


::  bible study
::  prayer
::  drink water
::  dailies in life planner
::  little by little


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