currently // march 2017


i caught a nasty cold a couple weeks ago. ugh, it was the worst. being sick is no fun, but being sick while pregnant is such a downer. i can't just chug some dayquil and function fairly well throughout the day. i can only take benadryl, which knocks me out. so i pretty much suffered through the work day until i got home. i took a sick day to get some rest, which was helpful. but then came the snot. it's like i was drowning in it. this was my life. i'm happy to be among the living now.


i made this crockpot meal recently. Y'ALL. i cannot believe how delicious it was. granted, i half expected to mess it up somehow because i've never used a crockpot before, but it was epic! i've made it twice now, at the request of husband. now i need all the crockpot recipes because it's my new best friend.


everyone told me that i'd have weird dreams during my pregnancy. there are two that i've been able to remember so far - only because they were so out there. one was - we decided to visit jared's uncle. when we arrived at his house, we discovered his son was living there. [jared's uncle actually has two daughters, so yeah.] this was shocking and terrifying because he was a serial killer in my dream. he kept looking at me a lot. i woke up completely terrified, y'all. ha!

the other dream- i was going to walmart with my mom [while pregnant] and all of a sudden, i had my baby. i didn't go into labor though. one second i was pregnant, the next, BAM- baby in my arms. [it was a girl. what?!] but i'm walking around walmart freaking out because i've just had my baby... somehow. i am also sad because i didn't get to experience the birth. haha! but then i realize that baby is hungry, and i had no bottle. but then- it hit me. i have boobs! so i whipped one out and the baby was going to town. there i was, walking around walmart nursing my newborn baby, people. that's not even the weirdest part of the dream. i was switching her to my other boob when she threw up allllllll over me. so i did what any rational mom does in her dreams, i cleaned myself off with lettuce. ... WHAT?!


spring-like days in winter. lucky charms. laughing at how excited milo gets to look out the window. maternity leggings. kari jobe's new album. iced vanilla coffee. my powersheets. noticing tiny blooms forming! ice cream. baby boy's kicks. our new king-size bed. these papermate flair pens.


-  an edible cookie dough shop. this is what dreams are made of, people.

this song.

-  any and all "baby registry must-have" lists. everyone keeps bugging me about my registry, and i'm all, i don't know, margo. leave me alone [with a tub of ice cream] right now.

let's share what we learned this winter by emily p. freeman. i have enjoyed reading thru the lists. i'm all about learning something every day, so this link-up is great for inspiration!

-  one of our friends introduced us to the awesomeness that is john crist. his snapchats are just as hilarious!


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