LIGHTING //  an amber blossom candle i snagged from marshalls. i bought it months ago and just used it as decoration. but recently, i've been practicing the art of hygee, so candles are a must for coziness. life is too short to not burn your favorite candles. another element of coziness is lighting our christmas tree. we chose a blue theme this year, and it's my favorite ever.

SPENDING //  my time wisely. with jared on second shift, quality time looks different these days, but we are making the best of it! we have been praying for a first shift position for quite awhile now, so until then, we will trust Him in the waiting.

CHOOSING //  my word/phrase for the new year. this is how the story always goes: i start thinking + praying over the new year, and then i obsess over what i think it should be. then there's this light bulb moment from the Lord, and it all comes together. [see past years here]

SENDING //  christmas cards. HA. just kidding. i still have the thank you cards from our reception and my baby shower sitting in a box somewhere. judge me alllll you want.

SINGING //  fun, made-up jingles to jackson. he smiles so big when we sing to him, and my heart melts every single time. i'm also humming a few christmas songs here and there, but i haven't been listening to much music lately because i'm binging on alllll the podcasts.


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