a month in review // november 2017


-  i tried oat milk for the first time. it was delicious in a chai latte.

-  we put up our christmas tree, and it gives me so much simple joy. 

-  jackson slept in his crib for the first time! it's hit + miss, but one night, he slept 7 hours straight!

i tweeted a lot this month. i just really enjoy having 280 characters to express my pointless opinions + GIFs.

-  i started binging alllll the podcasts. favorites:  the popcast + dirty john.

jackson is five months old!

-  we celebrated thanksgiving! it was jackson's first turkey day, which almost didn't happen. we woke up early that morning to a puking baby. i was so sad, but after some phone calls, we discovered that it had something to do with teething. also- jackson started teething! [it hasn't been that bad though.] 

-  movies we watched:  thor ragnarok. murder on the orient express. justice league.


::  before i had jackson, i never took a day off from work unless i was really sick. these days, between jared working second shift + seeing how fast jackson is growing, i want to make sure i'm soaking in life, and not working it away. yes, we need my income, but if i work hard while i'm at work, i can take a day off every once in a while!

::  tidying gives me joy. that sounds so weird, but it's true. i've given up on the idea that my home has to be pinterest-perfect all the time. but having a tidy home is more manageable + doable.

::  i have been making a conscious effort to rid our home of toxic products. as we run out of cleaning/toiletry/beauty products, i replace them with non-toxic alternatives. here's why i ultimately decided to do this: if i have two products in my hand that both produce the same results, but one has a bunch of harmful chemicals and the other is natural, why wouldn't i use the product that won't harm me or my family? yes, everything labeled natural costs more, but i'd rather pay a few extra dollars for something that isn't full of toxic chemicals.

::  the best natural product i tried this month was this line of feminine products! i wasn't so sure about using natural pads + tampons for my period, but i will never go back now. they are SUPER absorbent. like they exceeded my expectations and then some.  

::  there was a point this month when jared + i were thinking of selling our home. yes, we just bought it in august, but neither of us felt like it was home. so one weekend, we rearranged every inch of our house. we were exhausted and sore, but it was so worth it because it now feels like home. i've been trying to incorporate the practice of hygge, especially with the coming winter months



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