thoughts on the dirty john podcast.

if you have no idea what the dirty john podcast is, go listen right now, and then come back and let's discuss this mayhem. because i've got some feelings.

i've been on a podcast kick lately. in my quest for something new, i came across the dirty john podcast. it's only six episodes, but OH MYLANTA. i have so many feelings. i'll just put this out there for the world to know + some might disagree: this was better than the serial podcast. 

because i'm a nerd [and because i like to dissect + analyze everything], i wrote random notes + questions + thoughts throughout my weekly binge. i got so hooked that instead of listening to music in the car, i'd turn on this podcast. (you can also read the entire series here if podcasts aren't your thing.)

here is a collection of my thoughts from the dirty john podcast:

-  there's a difference between being too nice + being an idiot. [looking at you, debra.]

-  but did he kill his dad?!?!?!?!?!

-  i knew even before deb's mom confirmed it that she is a believer. i cried as she told of forgiving billy for killing her daughter. but i will admit: would i testify for my daughter's killer? i cannot say that i would, but her recollection of this situation made me very emotional. i also cannot fathom that a man who killed his wife only served two years, nine months, and two days in prison. i absolutely do not agree with that.

-  who is the ovaltine woman?!

-  why. did. she. take. him. back? my parents raised me to forgive as well, but they also would call me out when i was dating a guy who wasn't right. and her mom liked him?! we are called to be like Jesus, but where do you draw the line? there has to be some common sense instead of being a doormat + putting your children at risk.

-  you can tell her daughters are from orange county. the way they talk... ugh. but then again, some people may not like my oklahoma accent. 

-  every time i would learn of another insane act from john, i would be utterly sad/disgusted that someone could be so manipulative  + simultaneously baffled that the other could be so naive and blind to this con man. 

-  i legit waited until i finished the podcast to publish these thoughts. i had to know john's fate because i feared that he would read them, and find me and murder me. that sounds so outlandish, but you guys- he was crazy evil. 

-  but really- who the heck was the ovaltine woman?!?!?!


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