+  ze blog got a makeover! click around + browse if you'd like. if not, then don't i guess. i'm not your mom.

+  i legit laughed SO hard at this video. hahahahahahaha!

+  i've seen hygge pop up throughout the blogging world in the last several months. i really enjoyed this article - how to get through a miserable winter with the danish concept of hygge - because winter is the worst.

+  i've been open on the blog about my new journey to a healthier lifestyle. i am so thankful for stories like this one. we as women deserve to know exactly what's going in + on our bodies. i am thankful for those who aren't afraid to speak up about topics that some deem taboo or gross.

+  michelle's experience with house hunters is crazy. just... WOW.

+  i'm wondering if i can convince husband to let me make a mixed media mural in our spare bedroom? :)


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