Friday, March 24, 2017

weekly musings || 3.24

-  i'm twenty-seven weeks now!

-  jared started the new shift at work this week. we are settling into this new routine fairly well.

-  elevation worship's new album is SO good. fullness is my favorite song.

-  i am so, so thankful i married a man who doesn't snore loudly. we would have to sleep in separate bedrooms.

-  tax season is over in less than a month. i've enjoyed learning, but i'm ready to have my saturdays back.

two years ago yesterday, mama + i were driving all over tulsa trying to find a wedding dress. sweet memories!

-  in my thirty years of life, i have never found ice cream better than braum's chocolate chip cookie dough.

-  if having heartburn means your baby will have lots of hair, then i'm giving birth to a wookie, y'all.

-  there is a possibility that i may have a doula present during the birth of our son. this is a huge blessing!

-  i am so, so obsessed with these ceramic gemstone mugs. i wouldn't actually drink out of them because they are works of art.

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