Wednesday, June 21, 2017

40 week update.

i went in for my 40-week appointment yesterday. i haven't dilated past 1, but i'm 60% effaced. baby has definitely dropped in the last few days. i'm having lots of tightening braxton hicks and pressure, but no significant contractions.

my doctor scheduled us for an induction next friday (the 30th). i'll be totally transparent: my heart sank. i have spent the majority of my life thinking i would want an epidural the second labor started, but after research + talking with a couple friends, i made the decision to birth naturally. inductions do not prevent this from happening, but they certainly increase the chances of outside medical intervention. (the two things i absolutely do not want: epidural and/or c-section.)

i keep reminding myself that at the end of the day, my biggest prayer is a safe + healthy delivery. so here i am, sitting in the tension of boldly declaring that He is able to work all things out for my good while holding my plans loosely at His feet. i know my God is able.  

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