Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CURRENTLY // june 2017.

creating:  allllll the lists. i basically make to-do lists so i can see how long i can procrastinate the tasks.

eating:  salads. ice cream. strawberries. peanut butter sammiches.   

drinking:  i bought a cute cup at target for $5 + i've been guzzling water like crazy. and blackberry lemonade.

reading:  lots of articles related to labor + delivery, of course. 

watching:  all the instagram stories. i am obsessed with 'em.  

anticipating:  oh ya know, giving birth.

enjoying:  leftover cupcakes from my fourth + final baby shower.

marveling:  at the fact that - no matter what - i will have a baby in less than three weeks. what the what?!  

needing:  to pack a hospital bag. install the car seat. order the crib mattress. ha! no big deal. 

learning:  to just smile when people comment on the size of my belly. it's whatever at this point.

celebrating:  finding out at this week's baby appointment that i am 1 cm dilated; 50% effaced!

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