Monday, October 2, 2017

a month in review // september 2017

delicious cocowhip  //  pretty flowers  //  flamingos at the okc zoo
chop, chop  //  delicious coffee  //  family photo in the car
hey fall  //  i have a three month old!  //  tried a new coffee shop in stillwater


//  i haven't had a major haircut in over a decade, so it was time for a change.

//  jackson turned three months old!

//  i took some old clothes to a consignment shop for the first time. i made $25!

//  jared + i dropped jackson off with my parents and had a fun day trip in OKC.

//  started watching fixer upper + fell in love with all things related to the magnolia market.


::  it seemed like i was always stressfully rushing around every morning before work. i finally decided to wake up no later than 7am, and it has made all the difference. i can nurse jackson, and he snoozes while i get dressed and ready for the day.

::  i just really don't like wearing shoes. once i get to work or get home, i immediately kick my shoes off + put on a pair of socks. maybe it's because i'm still wearing the sandals that i wore at the end of my pregnancy. they stretched out a lot, so maybe it's time to look for a cute pair of fall booties.

::  after three months, i finally decided to weigh myself. i'm only fifteen pounds over my pre-baby weight. holla! i gained forty pounds during pregnancy. when i look at my postpartum body, i am proud. while i'm not actively trying to lose the rest of the baby weight, i am starting to be more conscious of what i put in my body since going dairy-free.

::  date nights are crucial now that jared is back on second shift. we don't see each other a lot during the week, so we are super grateful for our families who are always willing to watch jackson while we go out and get coffee or dinner.


-  catch up at work
-  go through every piece of clothing item i own: keep, trash, donate, sell.
-  take unwanted clothing to uptown cheapskate.

-  blog one to two times a week
-  work on organizing the house
-  keep up with medical bills

-  prayer
-  water
-  10-15 minutes of "me time"

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