2017 powersheets check-in | Q2 + Q3

i shared about the first quarter of my powersheets earlier this year, and now i want to share the second + third quarters. i almost decided to skip it because, hello- we are on the homestretch of the end of the year, but truth be told, i've been filled with inspiration lately, but mostly because i just want to.


april, may, + june were baby prep months! procrastination did get the best of me at times, but i'll play the pregnancy card on that one. :) here is a recap of my second quarter powersheets:


april was a good month despite all the migraines i had. i didn't make a lot of progress on my goals, but i sure did eat a lot of baked potatoes + cupcakes. [those pregnancy cravings be fierce!] i procrastinated a lot during the month, and i had no excuse other than i was seven months pregnant and had no motivation to do anything but wear maternity leggings + netflix + chill. 


may was my eighth month of pregnancy, but i finally found some motivation! i think i was partially in denial that i was giving birth the next month, but i did manage to finish a few of my goals + to-dos for the month.


the biggest goal of june was giving birth to our son, jackson. 
while it didn't quite go as i had planned, he was healthy + happy + we instantly fell in love.



the third quarter of the year was a doozy, y'all. despite the pain + demands + exhaustion + moving + work + all that comes with having a newborn, i see the good progress of little by little that added up. here is a recap of the third quarter of my 2017 powersheets:


oh, july. this month will go down as one of the hardest months of my life. sleepless nights, recovering from a c-section, crazy hormones, and everything in between. i didn't recognize myself in the mirror. i cried allllll the time. but jared - being the sweet husband he is - gave me no choice on day ten of my hormonal/emotional/hot mess: his mom was coming over to watch jackson while i showered and took an hour to myself. that was all it took to snap out of those baby blues. in the middle of the month, i picked up my powersheets with full intentions of setting a few goals, but decided to just take each day moment by moment. [and then there was that small feat of buying a house. with a newborn. yep- we are insane!]


august was a big month - we bought a new house, moved, i started back to work full time, and jackson turned two months old! as you can see, i found some motivation, somewhere. haha! this was the month we discovered jackson's dairy intolerance, so i finally had moments where he would sleep for longer than fifteen minutes, and i could get little things accomplished! [laundry, unpacking boxes, etc.]


september brought new routines + rhythms, which gave me time to set good goals + make progress. i didn't get to work on my fall prep, but i'm saving that for october since it's finally starting to feel like fall. one of my biggest goals this month was to go thru every piece of clothing item i own, and either keep, trash, donate, or sell. since becoming a mom, my style has changed a bit, so there are lots of clothes that i won't ever wear again. i cannot hang onto things "just in case" anymore. too much clutter drives me bananas these days. i also got caught up at work, which feels SO good!

whew! if you've made it this far, go buy yourself a treat. haha! i am going to blog the final three months' powersheets with each monthly recap, so stay tuned for those at the end of each month. and the new 2018 powersheets go on sale on october 25th! i've saved my birthday money so i can buy a set of powersheets + a sticker book! [i want to add that i get no compensation for this post. i'm just incredibly passionate about this product + lara's mission to set good, purposeful goals!]


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