a month in review // october 2017.


-  jared, jackson, + i took a short road trip to visit my family one saturday. on our way back, we tried a new coffee shop in stillwater called balanced coffee co. they have THE coolest atmosphere/decor, and their almond milk lattes are delish!

-  saturdays are our date nights. we drop jackson off with family + spend a couple hours together. having jared on second shift sucks, but we are making the best of it.

-  jackson turned four months old!

-  i started a weekly poll series on instagram. what started out as just a fun thing has turned in to one of my favorite parts of the week. i love the messages everyone sends, and i also love making the videos. 

-  we legit binged season two of stranger things. it was SO good!

-  i totally drove to three separate target stores to find this mug. #noshame


::  i was cleaning out jackson's newborn clothes [side note: how was he that tiny?!] and i was putting them in a box to donate. jared + i had discussed in the past that we may only have one baby, so i was just going to get rid of what jackson outgrew. but after a couple discussions, i've decided to box them up and wait a couple years. this by no means we will have another baby, but we have entertained the possibility.

::  me: yeah, my friend was talking about that.  husband: which friend?  me: oh, an instagram/blog/twitter/etc. friend. //  does anyone else do this?! somehow, i always weave an online friend into a conversation, and it's still funny that there are people in this world that i've never met in person yet i still call them friend. it's the best part of social media.

::  the great thing about social media is that everyone can voice their opinion. the worst part of social media is that everyone can voice their opinion.

::  i suppose i don't totally hate sushi. i decided to give it a shot since jared loves it. i ordered a salmon roll with a soy wrap, and it was quite tasty. my issue with sushi is the texture of the seaweed wrap. just gross. once i can have dairy again, i will order a roll with cream cheese.

::  in the evening, i'm usually cuddling with jackson a lot, so the last thing i want to do is laundry. i now start a load in the morning when i wake up. [waking up early to do laundry + house tasks - who am i?! haha!]

::  you can call target, and if they have the item you're looking for, they will hold it for you. this would have saved me those two extra trips i took to find that awesome stranger things mug.

::  it's so incredibly sweet to see my parents as grandparents. 



-  work on fall powersheets prep work.
-  book launch: dance stand run - jess connolly 
-  2018 powersheets launch! 
-  read 1 book
research budget ideas + start a bills calendar
-  re-organize office + decor
update jackson's baby book
-  try one new recipe


-  blog 1-2 times/week
-  keep up with month in review post on wildbloom
-  instagram polls - thursdays


-  prayer
-  water
-  10-15 minutes of "me time"
-  home tending
-  recycle*


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