Thursday, October 26, 2017

four things you need to know.

-  i am obsessed with the thinkdirty app. since going dairy free, i have been more conscious of what i put in/on my body. i am replacing products (cleaning, makeup, etc.) as i run out. i was surprised to find that the detergent i use (all free and clear) was actually better than the baby detergent i had been using for jackson's clothes. i try to buy products that have a 0 - 3 rating.

-  stranger things, season two: tomorrow! 🎉 jared is taking the day off so we can binge it all night. i also discovered that pizza hut has vegan pizza options, and i cannot tell you how excited i am to fiiiiinally eat some pizza! (at this point, i don't even care that it won't have cheese!)

-  thank you SO much to those who reached out regarding my blog post about jackson’s birth. i realized i’m not alone because there were several of you who went through the same thing.

there’s a new poll on my stories! this week's topic is all about superpowers. be sure to cast your vote!

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