the weekly: sept 3rd - sept 9th.

  S N A P S H O T S  

-  reading anne bogel's new book, i'd rather be reading.  
-  that kid loves playing outside!
-  saturday mornings.
-  coffee + dino.

   M O M E N T S  +  H A P P E N I N G S    

-  labor day was spent quietly at home, which was very welcomed after such a whirlwind summer.

-  i had an hour + a half before an appointment one morning, and i spent every minute browsing target + drinking a latte. it was BLISSFUL.

-  once jackson started walking, he has been non-stop on the move. he has no time to cuddle with mommy. i left for work on friday morning and asked him for a hug. he usually runs away laughing because he knows i'll come chasing after him. but this time, he walked up to me with arms open and gave me a hug. my heart could have burst out of my chest.

-  we usually have no trouble putting jackson to bed at night, but saturday night was out of the norm. he was crying and crying, so i gave it five minutes, and finally went in to check on him. i picked him up and sat in the rocker for about ten minutes just holding my baby boy. i cried some happy tears because - as i said before - i never, ever get to cuddle with him anymore. jared peaked in to see what was going on, and he smiled really big and knew that it was exactly what i needed.

-  jared + i had the perfect sunday afternoon. we lounged outside, sipped coffee, and enjoyed the incredible weather. once jackson woke up, he played and we took him to the park. we ended the day with a game night with friends. our sundays are usually so hectic, and this was just what my soul needed.

   L E S S O N S   +  R E A L I Z A T I O N S   

-  i loathe grocery shopping because i always, always forget something. [yes, even when i make a list, there's always something.] but this week, i was determined to change that. and i did! what i found most helpful was putting pen to paper + writing out a meal plan for the week. 

-  i have never read a book twice, and that's okay. there are too many books on my TBR list

-  i took anne bogel's reading personality quiz. i tested as "the escapist" + that is very accurate of my reading life.

-  our childcare situation changed this week. real talk: i could not see how God was going to work it out. jared was so positive, and i just wanted to wallow in myself. we received the news right before church started, and i sat through the entire service feeling sorry for myself + telling God there was no way this would work out. i was so caught up in the circumstance that i couldn't remember all the times He HAS provided. and guess what? by the end of the service, He DID provide. jared's parents start watching jack next week. not only was it an answered prayer for us, but it was for them. they're retired and could definitely use the extra cash. God saw my distrust and still made a way. i don't deserve His kindness, but He has really been doing a refining work on my heart as of late. this song has constantly been playing.

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