Wednesday, September 7, 2016

BLOGTEMBER | day seven

FLOWERS.  as you can tell by my instagram, flowers are my love language. in the wild or in my home, they bring such a sweet joy to my life. i really love photographing florals, too. just the other day, as jared and i were running errands on a beautiful saturday afternoon, i squealed, "look at those flowers! turn around so i can take a picture!" [he totally did, too.] there is a deeper meaning as well: for years, i would explore my parents' land with a camera in hand and a prayer in my heart. i would talk to God about everything, and flowers were always springing up in tiny, odd places, like little blooms of hope.

MARRIAGE.  as i typed that word, tears filled my eyes. jared is my best friend, lover, helpmate, partner, and bug-killer. the last year and a half has been the best of my life. i'm constantly learning about myself + jared - us as one flesh and as individuals. i am so incredibly thankful for a man who loves God and pushes me toward Christ.

COFFEE.  y'all. my love for coffee runs deep. i am fiercely dedicated to it. (i knew jared and i were meant to be when i discovered he loved coffee just as much as i did.) there is just something about the atmosphere + sipping a latte + having good conversation with friends at a coffee shop.

CREATING.  whether it's photography, blogging, writing, painting, etc. - i believe that expressing myself is an act of wild worship. in turn, i want my art to shout His praises + use my talent for His glory. living a creative lifestyle fuels my passions while pointing others to the ultimate Creator.

JESUS.  if the last five years of my life were a book, redemption would be all over those pages. the Gospel changed my life when i walked the red-carpeted aisle of the church i grew up in and gave my life + heart to Jesus. it isn't a feel-good kind of faith. it's not about religion. it's about Jesus and having a relationship with Him. i love the Lord with all that i am. like kari jobe sings: if i have You, i have everything; but without You, i have nothing.

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