Monday, September 29, 2014


anyone who knows me would probably tell you they rarely see me without coffee in my hand. hot, iced, latte, cappuccino - i love it all!being an avid coffee lover, i have acquired a collection of pretty coffee mugs, but there are other reasons why i enjoy coffee:

it contributes to all five senses.
sight: when i see coffee, it makes my eyes light up. 
hearing: when my keurig is dispensing the coffee, my ears are filled with angelic hallelujahs.
touch: holding a mug of hot coffee warms my whole body, making even the coldest winter day a little better.
smell: the aroma fills me with happiness.
taste: my taste buds do a happy dance when coffee is consumed.

it adds to social experiences.
while i can easily have a heart-to-heart with my friends sans coffee, there is something about holding a warm mug of java in my hands as i enjoy the company and conversation of friends.

there are health benefits.
i'm not quite sure what they are, but this article seems legit. 

coffee understands me.
i'm being dramatic, but you get the point.

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