Friday, September 9, 2016

BLOGTEMBER | day eight

i am in the middle of a deep clean at the moment, so sharing a glimpse of our home wouldn't been interesting or pretty for today's blogtember challenge. [and i also wonder if it's a way to tell thieves: hey, look at what you can steal! probably not. it's a legit thought.] instead, i want to share some weird confessions about myself.


my burps put grown men to shame.

and i'm not exaggerating either. when i was in middle school, i had a severe case of acid reflux. my doctor told me to burp when the urge came, so i was just taking the doctor's advice, y'all! it's not the most ladylike trait, but it's mine nonetheless. i should mention that i definitely don't do this in public. rude. husband is very impressed, often rating my burps on a scale of 1-10.

i don't like pumpkin spice lattes; only PS frappuccinos.

the first PSL i tried was hhhhheeeeaaaavvvvyyy on the pumpkin. i couldn't even finish it. last fall, i was waiting in line for my vanilla latte, and i noticed free samples of pumpkin spice frappuccinos. i decided to try it, but only because those sample cups are too dang cute. and then my life was forever changed. dramatic, but true. now i'm team #PSF - if that's a thing.

i don't buy the first item on store shelves.

jared finds this weird. [and it is.] but i just have this thing with the first item on store shelves. everyone has touched it or opened it or used it- grosses me out. i reach around to grab the one behind it. 

i asked my parents to take my brother back to walmart. 

true story. apparently, i wasn't to keen on the idea of sharing attention. some friends had brought my parents some essentials they picked up on their way to the hospital. i saw the plastic walmart sack laying there, and handed it to my parents. HA! these days, i wouldn't trade him for anything. :)

i curl my hair with socks. 

i get asked about my curls a lot. i use one of two methods: a curling iron or socks. lately, i have been rocking the sock curls. it is SO nice to wake up, unroll my hair, and go. it's is great for everyday curls. i made a video four years ago. [hello, brunette amber!]

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