Monday, September 12, 2016

COFFEE DATE | volume 03

if we were on a coffee date, i would order a caramel macchiato - those are my jam lately. i would mention that i just bought an espresso machine for work, and i cannot wait to start making lattes every day! i want to organize a little coffee corner in my office like this or this.

if we were on a coffee date, i would tell you about my weekend. our friends are getting married this week [CAKE.], so we had their bachelor/bachelorette parties over the weekend. the guys went down to OKC while us girls stayed in wichita. the weather hindered our original plan to go camping, so instead - we set up the tent in the garage. yes- you read that right. in the garage. and y'all, this weekend was so, so good. i have been praying for good girlfriends since i moved to wichita. God has placed a couple ladies who are filling those friendship voids. He is faithful to provide.

if we were on a coffee date, i would ask you all about dinner. for the first year of our marriage, jared and i just ate frozen dinners. i know how to cook, but it is so easy to pop food in the microwave after a long day. lately i have been actually cooking though. and guys- our grocery bill has been cut in half! AND the meals i am making are healthy and not full of preservatives and other unnecessary junk. i would ask you your favorite go-to meals as well. i'm always up for recommendations.

if we were on a coffee date, i'd mention how far behind i am on the blogtember challenge. oops. i did great for the first week, but a busy schedule [and the fact that season three of the blacklist is on netflix now] is contributing to my delayed writing. but i will get caught up this week! i'm only three posts behind after i publish this one. my goal for this month wasn't to post every single day, but to have 20-30 posts total. [grace - not perfection!]

if we were on a coffee date, i would tell you about my latest obsession: nail strips. i get asked about my nails daily. [see here + here + here] people are so surprised to discover that i buy them from the dollar general! they are great for three reasons: easy application + very little chipping + they're three dollars. if you like pretty nails as much as i do, you must check them out!

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