Saturday, September 6, 2014

S I X // currently.

a "currently" post

▹ reading:  women of the word.  so, so good  //  the book of hosea with she reads truth. 

▹ watching:  season seven of the office  //  re-runs of brooklyn nine-nine.

▹ listening:   grace unplugged soundtrack  //  and of course, t-swifts's new jam, shake it off

drinking:  coffee. this surprises no one, i'm sure.

▹ creating:  simplicity in all areas of my life. simple isn't boring; it's often freeing. less truly is more.

▹ anticipating:  tomorrow morning. i am the new sunday school teacher for the high school class.  //  watching the game later. GO SOONERS!

▹ learning:  if it doesn't glorify God, it's not for my good.  //  courage and comfort zones don't mix.  // grace upon grace.

▹ wondering:  where i can find a long white tee for fall.  //  where have all my bobby pins gone?  //  why am i so appealing to mosquitos?

▹ enjoying:  the rain and cooler temps!  //  my new hair cut. i had three inches cut off!

▹ thinking:  about a new blog design or re-brand. this decision has been so difficult for some reason.

▹ making my happy:  the blogtember challenge!  writing pen pals on cute stationery.  pretty nails & a new coffee mug.  making lists.  a productive day off.  cozy sweaters.  the coming of FALL and all its beautiful happenings and sights and smells and tastes and fashion. 

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