BLOGTEMBER | day five

my most memorable birthday would definitely be my twenty-ninth. it was my first birthday as a wifey, which was the biggest answered prayer. jared planned a weekend in the mountains for me since i had never been! it was so, so FUN. we stayed in colorado springs with his sister and her family.

a close second memorable birthday was my thirtieth, which i celebrated last week! i felt so much love from my family and friends. it was such a sweet day for a milestone birthday.


we hiked seven falls 
where i almost keeled over because i had a severe cold. elevation is no joke, y'all!
my brother-in-law found me a hiking stick, which made me feel cool.

we took the cog up pikes peak
there has never been a view more breath-taking. 

we visited garden of the gods
we climbed the rocks + it was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

we camped at wilson lake
the stunning limestone rock formations + a sky filled with beautiful stars = stunning. 



even though twenty-nine + thirty were both memorable, i have to throw it back to 1991. 
who knew getting panties on my fifth birthday would be so fun?!


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