E I G H T // music.

music that moves you.

i love music. i am always listening to music throughout the day. my taste depends usually depend on my mood or what i am doing. whether it's driving on a country road with the windows down or listening to worship music or writing or exploring in the pasture - whatever the case may be - i'm always jamming to good music. i am open to most genres. as long as it has a good beat and doesn't contain a lot of profanity, i'm okay with it.

i like music that makes me feel something, like ray lamontagne or john mayer.

but sometimes a good, cheesy pop song blaring through the speakers can brighten my mood.

in my opinion, one can never go wrong with songs from the 90s. i remember the days of cranking up my walkman [flashback!] and dancing around my room to britney spears, destiny's child, christina aguliera, spice girls, & all the boy bands. [who am i kidding? i still do that!]

you can never go wrong with country music. george strait, reba, miranda lambert are a few favorites.

i even like rap music.

a list of my favorite music genres is not complete without christmas music. because christmas, duh.

i listen to a lot of praise & worship music - hillsong, Jesus culture, ellie holcomb, and the list goes on and on and on.

oh - i am 28 years old and will never apologize for owning and loving every taylor swift album.

i usually download songs and albums on my ipod, but lately i've been using spotify. some of my favorite stations are:


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