tidbits of life.

>>  i started reading charles spurgeon's morning and evening devotions. i highly recommend this book. his writings are thought-provoking and timeless. this has been a great addition to my walk with Jesus.

>> birthday cupcake! 'twas a splendid day.

>> i've basically lived in this transformers sweatshirt for the past few weeks. i know it's ridiculously hot outside, but my room is the coldest in our house. well... that's my excuse. the other truth is i just really, really like it. i can't wait for the fourth movie next summer!

>> i could eat a braum's peanut butter cup mix every. single. day.

>> daddy told me he marked an article for me to read. i opened it up, and there were 4 tickets for the OU game on my birthday!
>> i tried panera for the first time a couple weeks ago and ohhh myyy goodnesss. i have been missin' out for sure.


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