my parents, september 5, 1985, celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary

my parents were married on this day thirty-two years ago.

i was recently telling mama how great of a childhood i had. it was only possible because i had two parents who love each other and love our Heavenly Father. i don't ever remember my parents fighting or yelling at each other, though i'm sure there were some hard times; marriage isn't easy, i know. but i see what my parents have, how they love each other, no matter how annoying or frustrating the other might be, they take care of one another, and they have the most important thing at the center of their marriage: God. this is probably where i'm supposed to say how more marriages would survive and thrive if they, too, put God first. well, call it cliche or old fashioned... call if whatever you want, but it's the TRUTH. for thirty-two years + two years of dating, God has been their center. in today's world, the wedding day garners more preparation than the marriage, divorce is an option, and God is nowhere to be found in the relationship. the movies want me to test out the waters before i take the plunge. words like "soul mates" and "the one" are forced down my throat. here's what i have learned: marriage is beautiful and rewarding and awesome if it is rooted in God and His Word. i don't buy into soul mates and all that crap. marriage is choosing to love someone every single day. it's choosing to put oneself second to the needs of their spouse. it's being a helpmate. it's everything that first corinthians thirteen talks about. it's a beautiful gift from God, and if it is in His plan for my life, i am thankful for the example set by my mama and daddy.


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