weekly musings: aug 29 - sept 4

+  the boys went fishing on monday evening, so i spent the evening writing on this little blog + eating strawberries with coconut whipped cream.

+  we had a fun birthday trip planned, but jared came down with covid the day before we were set to leave. i was so disappointed. but jackson + i had a fun day together.

+  i realized my comment section was not showing up on the blog this week. i re-installed disqus, so now comments are visible.

+  a youth (probably 20) said, “thank you, ma’am” + i wanted to throw my pumpkin chai at him + tell him to respect his elder millennial. i am not a ma’am, sir

+  i have been reading a lot of erin loecher's old blog posts this week. this one is a favorite.

+  as i reflect back on this week, even though it was not great, i am still grateful. my birthday plans fell through + jared was really sick + there were some hard moments, but this is still a blessing. jared is on the mend, we can always plan another trip, and i am grateful for another year of life. 


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