a happy list: summer 2022

strangers things, season four  •  fresh fruit  •  top gun: maverick 

juicy watermelon sprinkled with tajin  •  bunnies + fireflies in our front yard   

summer wildflowers  •  fireworks  •  baking brownies 

birds happily splashing around in puddles  •  ice cream 

browsing fall decor at home goods + hobby lobby in 105º  •  rest

jalapeño lemonade  •  fresh creativity  •  strawberries + coconut whip cream

falling asleep to a late-night summer thunderstorm  •  watching one tree hill (again)

birthday cake  •  iced caramel macchiato from dunkin  •  our church

swimming with our neighbors in the evenings  •  summer blooms at botanica 

shopping with my mama  •  NYT mini crossword puzzle  •  wordle

ice cold air conditioning (which inadvertently forces me into a sweatshirt) 


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