Q3 review // 2022

Q3 word  -  S A V O R 
june  •  july  •  august 

just as i delighted in the winter season + took time to nurture the spring, i set out to savor the summertime season. even in the 100º weather, i attempted to savor this fleeting time of year (indoors, mostly.) 

on the days when the humidity made it difficult to be content in this season, i reminded myself that at least there was not snow in the seven-day forecast. (although 110º had me thinking a freak snowstorm in the middle of july might not be a bad thing.)

summer is a time to slow down + savor the longer days. and even as i'm nursing six mosquito bites as i write this, i still had a good summer. i drank lots of iced coffee, read some good books, found rest to be such a gift, + spent countless nights swimming with our neighbors as the sun set. 

  Q3 goal review-  

-  find a few summer dessert staples.  i baked these brownies + this single-serve cookie. i also ate lots of strawberries with coconut whip. 

-  read six books.  done! i actually read on my kindle for once. and four of these were audiobooks. (affiliate links)
-  gone camping (novel in verse)
-  reckless, glorious, girl (novel in verse)

-  research homeschooling for the fall.  done! we started a couple weeks earlier than our original start date (at jackson's request), but so far, it is going really well. i even taught him on one of my days off.  

-  practice a sabbath from social media once a week.  this was definitely one of the best habits i implemented this summer. i took it a step further and took a social media break during the weeknights. my creativity flourished + i honestly just felt better overall.

-  celebrate jared + jackson's birthdays.  done! mine as well.

-  move my body.  this summer was so dang hot, so my neighborhood walks were rare. i did swim each week, which has to count for something? does a stroll around target also count? 

-  update the blog's layout.  done! i really like it. (it's best enjoyed on a computer, but i know not everyone has the time to sit down + read blogs like the good ol' days, lol.)


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