Q3- summer 2022.


my word for quarter three is:  S A V O R

definition of savor:  to give flavor to; season, to have experience of; taste, to taste or smell with pleasure; relish, to delight in; enjoy.

i can think of no better word for summertime than savor.
from summer nights to summer fruit, it is a time to relish in the little delights of life.

  find a few summer dessert staples.  i have a major sweet tooth, but i also try to not go super overboard. i want little treats that are healthy(ish). i'm thinking mini strawberry shortcakes and delicious lemonades with fresh fruit or maybe homemade ice cream!

-  read six books. 

-  research homeschooling for the fall.  i literally have no idea where to begin, but jared + i are anticipating a september start to this new journey for our family.

-  practice a sabbath from social media once a week.  

-  find two clean lipsticks for everyday wear.  my lips are finally healed from whatever allergic reaction i had at the beginning of the year, so i am excited to find a clean lipstick to wear.

-  celebrate jared + jackson's birthdays. 

-  move my body.  in some way, most days.

-  update the blog's layout.


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