what i want to remember from this week: JUNE 27 - JULY 3


+  our family movie night in bed while the windows were open (at the end of june! such a delight.)

+  sometimes you just need to take a spontaneous trip to trader joe's late in the evening on a tuesday night without a care for bedtime or you much money is spent on snacks.

+  we celebrated jackson's fifth birthday

+  it is easy to offer advice on a situation that you have not been asked to walk through.

+  after i showered, i was headed to the bedroom to put my clothes away when i realized there was a rainbow outside. i grabbed mine + jackson's robes, and we hurried outside to find a beautiful full rainbow filling the sky. it was a sweet moment with my boy, standing in the street in our robes, admiring the sky.

+  i finally got a nice pajama set for bed [similar ones here]. it is so luxurious + makes me feel bougie. 

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