month in review // JULY 2022


  H A P P E N I N G S -  

+  we celebrated jackson's birthday with a party at our house. my family came up from oklahoma. we shopped + played mini-golf, + ate delicious food. after a crazy morning, it ended up being a great day of celebrating our boy.

+  i printed out hannah brencher's 1,000 unplugged hours tracker. the internet is loud, and i can get in my head about all the posts i might miss, but there is joy in not knowing every little thing.

+  we celebrated independence day with our neighbors - shooting off fireworks + hanging out + swimming. 

+  jared + i had a date night at botanica. we walked around, + i took tons of photos of flowers, as usual. it was romantic. 

+  we took a short weekend camping trip with our neighbors. it was SO HOT, but we still had a lot of fun.

 L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S - 

+  steak sauce is such an underrated condiment.

+  it is easy to offer advice on a situation that you have not been asked to walk through. 

+  if insults are included in an argument, it is not a solid argument. you should never have to tear someone down to get a point across.

+  i am not the Holy Spirit; it is not my job to convict someone.

+  over the last several years, i developed this mentality to just blend it. whether it was my clothing choices or what my interest are or how i carry myself, i did not want to call attention to myself. i had this realization when i was cleaning out my closet. i used to be such a fashion-loving girl; now my closet is mostly filled with black shirts + cardigans. i am on a quest to uproot this mindset + get back to what i like - not what is trendy or what keeps me under the radar.

+  gentle parenting is (mostly) not biblical parenting. i said what i said.

+  i started a weeknight habit of no social media after i get home from work. it started off as a simple practice, but its benefits are making a huge impact on my everyday life.


1.  dreaming of autumn.  i needed a respite from the inferno outside, so i started browsing fall aesthetic hashtags on pinterest + tiktok. i took it a step further and browsed the fall decor aisle at home goods + hobby lobby. this may become a new late summertime ritual.

2.  evening swims with our neighbors.  our boys play in the shallow end + we float in the deep end, laughing + talking about life. it is one of my favorite parts of summertime.

3.  bougie pajamas.  i have always been a t-shirt + comfy shorts girl when it comes to bedtime attire. but my mom bought me a pair of real pajamas at target, + it is a little luxury that makes me so happy. (similar set here


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