month in review // august 2022


  H A P P E N I N G S -  

+  the month greeted me with covid. thankfully i recovered fairly quickly.

+  we stood in line to vote for over two hours. even though it did not go the way we hoped, it was not in vain.

+  i am obsessed with the magnolia network on discovery+. my favorites are joanna's cooking show + zoe bakes.

+  we got tickets to the windsurge game from my work. it was a lot of fun! 

+  after the baseball game, we spent the night at my SIL's airbnb. what a nice little getaway. we really enjoyed our time out there.

+  my family came up for a weekend. we shopped + ate good food + enjoyed spending time together. 

+  never did i think flared jeans would come back in style, and even more so, never did i think i would have a pair in my closet again. 

+  i celebrated my 36th birthday. not the way we planned, but i am still grateful.

 L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S - 

+  the best habit i formed this month (maybe even this year) was no social media during the weeknights. my creativity has flourished. i am reading more books.  

+  what someone says behind another's back is a better representation of them than the person they are gossiping about. 

+  this month marked four years of moving into our home. it is still one of the biggest blessings.

+  august is my favorite month on facebook because i get so much joy from all the first day of school photos!

+  "don't be reactionary in your parenting choices; be wise."  [phylicia masonheimer]


1.  the NYT daily mini crossword.  this is a small daily habit i developed this month. it is such a small delight (like wordle) that also challenges my brain.

2.  falling by tj newman.  THIS BOOK, oh mylanta. i could not read it while laying down. from the first page, i was on the edge of my seat (okay, my bed). what a wonderful, wild book! one of my favorites of the year.

3.  no social media on weeknights.  i keep talking about this on the blog because i cannot express enough just how much this habit has changed my days. when i clock out at work, my phone is basically untouched until i get back to work the next morning. (which is also why it may take a long time for me to text you back in the evenings, sorry!) 

4.  my kindle.  after collecting dust for years, i had a hold from the library come though. i had already been waiting six weeks to read the book, so i charged my kindle + downloaded the book. i forgot how much i love this form of reading! 


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