Q2- spring 2022.


my word for this quarter is:  N U R T U R E

the definition of nurture is:
the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.

i want to nurture the things in my life that matter-
my faith.
my boys.
our home life.
my health.
my passions.

when my attention is focused on what truly matters, the fruit (gratitude, peace, patience, etc.) start to become part of my daily life. the things that suck the life out of me - comparison, envy, mindless scrolling - have no room to thrive when i am tending to life-giving practices.

and just as i mentioned in my Q1 post
in all i do- Jesus be the center.

Q2 goals/tasks-

-  read six books.

-  continue my weekly social media sabbath.

-  brush off my DSLR.

-  find two clean lipsticks (nude + red). 

-  celebrate our seventh year of marriage.

-  file income tax.

-  declutter every area of our home / yard sale in april.


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