Q1- winter 2022.


my word for this quarter is  D E L I G H T 

biblical definition of delight:  “a high degree of pleasure or satisfaction of mind”  •  “greatly pleased; rejoiced"   

i want to delight in the Lord. 
in who He is. (sovereign. holy. Love) 
in what He has done + is doing + will do. (faithful)
in the gifts He has freely given to me. (steward)
in His Word. (Truth over feelings)  

Jesus at the center.
this is what i wrote in my powersheets prep work when i listed all my ideas + goals + plans. 
i want them to all point back to Him.
in all i do, Jesus be at the center.

"in the multitude of the anxieties within me, your comfort delights my soul." [psalm 94:19]
   Q1 goals-   

i mentioned in my inaugural 2022 post that i am thinking of the year in seasons, rather than as a whole. 
this feels less daunting, less overwhelming. in my mind, winter is december, january, + february. and while one of those months is in another year, december is kind of an outlier because of christmas + new years. 

- read 6 books.  (3 physical books)

- take a social media sabbath once a week.  i'm thinking it will start friday night + end sunday afternoon.

-  practice hygge.  delight in this winter season.

- hone my skill in microblogging.  i often approach blogging with too much logic + structure. it doesn’t always need a catchy opening line, an informational middle, + a reflective end. most of what i want to say/share can be whittled down to two paragraphs or less.

-  have fun with photography.  i am not lacking when it comes to taking photos of flowers. i want to remember the everyday moments as well. how jackson is running down the sidewalk or when luna is being so cute. snapshots of our day.

"the Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." [psalm 37:23-24] 



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