weekly musings // 0023


+  it snowed on thursday morning. my commute was not too bad. that is the kind of snow i like! 

+  i wore a set of fake nails this week that came with glue instead of the sticky adhesive. i was at work on friday morning + was setting my laptop up when i heard a nail pop off. it made me laugh for a good ten minutes because i thought of my grandma. she wore glue-on nails for years + would always be glueing then back on. it was a sweet reminder of her.

+  thursday evenings have become our family date nights. we ate sushi, stopped for lattes, + picked up our grocery order. 

+  i saw a tweet about wordle. i am a sucker for trendy things, so you know i had to investigate. it's basically a word puzzle game. it is a nice little challenge to look forward to each day.

+  my first social media sabbath was great. i will admit that i was waiting in the car, and i started looking at FB. i was literally an hour into my sabbath! but this is why it's needed; the mindless scrolling is rotting my brain. 

+ i finished my first book of the year: feel your way through. i give it 3 stars. [it was good, but we have different world views.]

+  my new favorite thing to listen to while i write is the score soundtrack to different movies. my favs are anything from harry potter and/or transformers.

+  turns out i inadvertently stole a book from the library last week. i checked out a book i'd had on hold. i received a notification that another book was ready, so when i checked that one out earlier this week, it said the other book was also ready. oops! the kiosk was really confusing + i didn't check it out correctly. thankfully it is all good now.

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