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for reasons unbeknownst to me, i am coming into 2022 with alllllll the ideas + inspiration. maybe it’s the extra free time i have or maybe it’s my rediscovered love for pinterest. maybe it’s that i decided to buy a set of powersheets after skipping them last year or maybe it just is what it is- the ebbing + flowing of the creative life.

i decided to think of this year in quarters. (i’ve been in the accounting industry for almost two decades. what can i say?) it’s a little different though because i am breaking up the year in this way: dec 2021/jan/feb, march/april/may, june/july/august, + sept/oct/nov. those months are how i view the seasons: winter, spring, summer, + fall, respectively. (this is also how i lay out my bullet journals)


-  read 25 books. *but i added a caveat to this one. i want 12 of those books to be physical books i held in my hand while reading. i love audiobooks. it's a great way for me to read more, but i crave the slowness of sitting down + turning the pages while drinking hot tea. 

-  social media sabbath once a week. i'm not sure of the day yet, but i need this so badly. i established 2 great habits last year: i put my phone away after 9pm + no social media before work in the mornings. i know i will never regret time away from all the noise. 

-  move my body. a walk in my neighborhood is a true delight. 

-  saturate my life with scripture. this is already a daily habit, but sometimes the enemy be tryna distract me with all the things, so i need the reminder. 

i have a few other goals, but i will update on those throughout the year as they are completed. 


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