Q4 - autumn 2022

Q4 word:  W I N S O M E

definition:  generally pleasing + engaging, often because of a childlike charm + innocence; cheerful, lighthearted

autumn is tied with spring as my favorite season. in comparison to the harshness of summer + winter, autumn brings a stillness with its entrance. we get cooler mornings + pumpkin everything. unlike spring, which ushers in with excitement, i find fall to be a slowing down of sorts. 

there is a charm about autumn. a lightheartedness. i chose winsome for my Q4 word for two reasons: first, it is such a beautiful word. winsome. it has such an essence. second, i want it to reflect the kind of autumn i wish to have.

  Q4 goals-  

read 6 books. i have surpassed my goal of 25 books for the year, but oh well.

continue weeknight + 24-hour sabbath from social media.  i will also take a week away during our church's corporate fast in september.  

-  finish studying 1 peter.  i do a verse-by-verse study, referencing my ESV study bible + this bible reference website. i will probably move to 2 peter after that. i also want to work my way through phylicia masonheimer's revelation study

- continue to hone my skill in microblogging.  recaps are great, but i want to keep challenging my writing abilities: poetry, more lists, etc.

-  make a fall fun list.  the pumpkin patch + corn maze are musts. also- visiting the fall festival in our city to savor a delectable dutch oven cobbler. 

"autumn is a second spring in which every leaf is a flower" albert camus 



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