autumn fun list


▸  visit the pumpkin patch

▸  go to a corn maze

▸  bake pumpkin bread

▸  carve pumpkins 

▸  bake a pie or cobbler from scratch 

▸  go apple picking

▸  try an apple cider donut 

▸  go to our local fall festival

▸  cheer for the sooners! (obvi) 

▸  go trick or treating in our neighborhood 

▸  burn a delicious fall-scented candle 

▸  drink a maple-flavored latte

▸  backyard fires w/hot drinks + good friends

▸  drink an iced chai with pumpkin cold foam 

▸  visit botanica in september (last month of extended hours)

▸  go to the drive-in theater 

▸  visit our local farmers market 


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