weekly musings: sept 5 - sept 11


+  i bought a crossword book + work on the puzzles each day to stretch my brain.  

+  her majesty, the queen. what a legacy she leaves behind. in fall of 2020, i read the fiction novel, american royals. after finishing the book, i began a months-long deep dive into the actual royal family. i was fascinated + gained a respect for queen e.    

+  i'm not a fan of cheesy romance novels, but nora goes off script had so much buzz on bookstagram, so i put it on my library holds. it became available this week, and i devoured it in just a few days. again- not because of the romance; it was a cute, well-written story. i throughly enjoyed this book! 

+  speaking of books, i surpassed my reading goal of 25 books this year; i'm at 30 now. 

+  i was looking at my (basically nonexistent) youtube channel this week. there were random videos i uploaded years ago that definitely needed to be deleted forever. but i came across this video that was part of my #notpolethursdays series. i have this idea of revamping that insta series. first off, a name change because it was good for a time, but now that time has passed. and instead of making a bunch of insta stories, i can make a youtube video! i am still brainstorming the idea.

+  we woke up to mid-sixties on saturday. it rained most of the afternoon + it was the perfect weather day. 



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