currently // september 2022

writing  //   Q4 intro post + meals that have changed my life + a fall fun list

enjoying  //  my crossword puzzle book 

books finished recently:
+  falling - 5 stars!
+  cover story - 4 stars
+  nora goes off script - 5 stars! 

in scripture: studying the first book of peter  

watching  //  the new LOTR tv series on amazon  

excited for:
+  the coming of fall
+  the cooler weather this weekend
+  fall activities  

loving  //  while the boys fish, i read, journal, work a crossword, + sip an iced chai 

wearing  //  flared jeans + this foundation   

drinking  //  hot tea with honey (to help with this lovely end-of-summer cold) 

making me happy:  
•  iced chai with pumpkin cold foam 
•  sunflower-lined highways    
•  coffee + wordle
•  my birthday flowers


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