Q2 review // 2022

June 11, 2022

Q2 word -  N U R T U R E  

march  •  april  •  may

just as my word for Q1 was inspired by the winter issue of the magnolia journal, so was my Q2 word. (spoiler: Q3 is not inspired from my girl, joanna, this time, lol.) i sought out to nurture the good things in my life: faith, family, creativity, + health. 

in this conscious practice, i gained a new insight on how i spend my time: the lower my phone's screen time, the better those areas of my life seems to be. 

Q2 goal review-

-  read six books.  i read 13!

-  continue my weekly social media sabbath.  yes. i also took a week-long break. 

-  brush off my DSLR.  i technically completed this; i literally dusted it off. i charged the battery. and then i sat it back down, never to touch it except to rearrange my closet shelf. i have accepted that using my big camera (as i like to call it) is just not for this season. 

-  find two clean lipsticks.  as i mentioned in my Q1 review, i had an allergic reaction to sriracha. my lips have been on a months-long healing journey. they still don't quite feel normal, so maybe this goal just needs to sit on the back burner for a bit.

-  celebrate our seventh year of marriage.  we did, with dinner + coffee.

-  file income tax.  done. (thanks, mom!)

-  declutter every area of our home for the garage sale in april.  DONE! our home feels lighter, if that makes sense. 

-  blog every day in may.  done





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