6 things i loved in april


1.  digital task reminder app.  i rave about my bullet journal all the time, but i found myself needing little reminders for random things throughout the day. after lots of searching, i ended up messing around with the reminders app that came on my iPhone. it works great! it is customizable + has helped me out a lot.

2.  matinee movie showings.  we usually go to the theater on opening night or weekend nights, but we had a free saturday afternoon, so we chose an afternoon showtime. it was awesome! we went three times this month.

3.  dunkin iced coffees.  there's a new dunkin down the street from us now, and i treat myself to their iced caramel macchiatos each week.

4.  wordle.  i play wordle + drink coffee every morning. it's a simple habit, but one that i look forward to each day. 

5.  forgiveness + grace.  what i know is this: i could live in a constant state of comparison + self-protection or i can bring Light to the darkness. i can say, "i'm sorry". i can move forward with grace. i can be a good friend. i can choose community + vulnerability over self-preservation. 

6.  easter.  maybe more than any other year, easter felt real, almost tangible, this year. He is risen, indeed!


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