the weekly - april 18th - april 24th


i don't say this very often, but thursday was a bad day.
a completely unfair situation at work left me at a loss.
i could not find the bright side. 
all my focus was on the shadows + the unjustness.
couple that with going through jackson's newborn clothes-
it was just a hard day. but it was also just that - a day.
i woke up with a better outlook the next day.
His mercies are new + His grace is sufficient.

i am currently revamping my style.
i can no longer dress myself as i did ten years ago.
trends + styles are different for me now.
i am working on defining what it looks like for me, now
not 25-year-old amber.

we worked allllllll week on our upcoming garage sale.
we cleaned out three quarters of the basement.
it feels so good to get rid of the clutter!

i’ve had several people mention a difference in me lately.
it’s true. 
i have been working on curating a life that feels good.
not one that just looks good.
my prayer as of late has been psalm 119:37-
turn my eyes from looking at worthless things 
and give me life in Your ways.” 


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