weekly musings // 0022



-  i finished "the cheerleaders". it ended up being a five star read for me. i really enjoyed it! (also with that being said- it wasn't the best written novel. i also cannot understand why the author opened with a controversial choice made by the main character. i don't see how it added to the book, but it's also because i'm very against what the character did, so there's that.) 

-  to whomever bought stuff off amazon via my affiliate link, THANK YOU. i don't blog to make money (i have only made $10 in the decade i've been blogging, lolz) so it always makes me do a happy dance when i see a purchase was made from my links. (don't worry; i can't see who it is!). i love this little space + even if i couldn't make pennies anymore, i would still love sharing bits + pieces of my life here.

-  i am working on my annual introductory blog post for the new year. i share a few of my goals + ideas for the new year, and it's always fun to write + reflect on in the years to come. what's different about this year is my focus on the quarters of the year instead of the year as a whole. it's more manageable to focus on little chunks of months. 

-  we rang in the new year by . . . falling asleep early. lol. i did wake up right at midnight to lots of fireworks going off in our neighborhood, but then i promptly fell back asleep two minutes later. 

-  i posted 327 recaps of 2021. best of 2021. 21 lessons + happenings in 2021. fav books of 2021.  

-  i also posted my december recap: 5 things i loved in december.

-  we got our first snow of the winter on new years day. only about an inch, but it was nice to cozy up all day in the house with my boys.

-  i try really hard to be empathetic toward others. i really do. but for the life of me, i cannot understand why some people won't hold the elevator for people who are clearly making their way to get on the same elevator? if we make eye contact, i'm close enough for you to hold the door. it drives me absolutely insane at work. 

-  i started reading "the lola quartet". i love emily's writing, so i am confident i will love this book as well.


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