21 lessons + happenings in 2021.


-  eat breakfast with protein. do NOT drink coffee before having some food.

+  i started the year with brunette hair + i’m ending with blonde. [if i ever say i want to go back to brunette, feel free to yell at me.] 

-  it's okay to change your mind.

+  i read 28 books.

-  ask questions. ask follow-up questions. just ask. 

+  we took a trip with my family in late fall to broken bow and again at christmas to tulsa.

-  take a long walk. it does wonders. 

+  i turned thirty-five.

-  am i parenting from pride or with purpose?

+  jackson finished preschool in the spring + started pre-k in the fall.

-  emergency room physicians bill separately from the hospital. and if they misspell your street name (even by just ONE lettter), you will not receive it. but what you will receive is a phone call from a debt collector. and THEN it will drag out with the insurance company for weeks + months. 

+  i started taking magnesium every day.

-  create, even if it’s just for five minutes. 

+  we lost our fifth baby via miscarriage.

-  bullet journal  >  planners 

+  i finally trained my hair to only need one wash per week!

-  when an area of my life feels off, i can almost always trace it back to too much social media. i started a new habit of no social media before work and my phone goes on my nightstand at 9 pm. it’s been so helpful. 

+  when i think of this summer, i will remember cold brew + pinterest.

-  i reflect to remember. these recaps i post are not for anyone but myself. it's a reminder of His faithfulness.

+  in a big act of faith, jared quit his job. he now stays home with jackson, but he also does the cooking + cleaning + all the grocery shopping (PRAISE). i thought it would be a big adjustment, but we have eased into it nicely. 

-  it was a good year. it was a hard year. He was faithful. He is faithful. He will be faithful. 


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