BEST OF 2021.

BEST ADVENTURE/TRAVEL/TRIP:   broken bow + christmas in oklahoma 

BEST KIDDO MILESTONE:  jackson is doing so well in pre-k! with a little help, he can count to 100 + can write his name. 

BEST FAITH GROWER:  recognizing the bitterness that was growing in my heart. jared + i had a long heart-to-heart about some struggles i was having. it broke the dam of long-held hurts i had toward someone, which in turn opened my eyes to what the bitterness was doing in my heart + in my everyday life. 

BEST TREND YOU TRIED:  biker shorts. i lived in them during the summer! (and high-waisted underwear. AMAZING.)

BEST BEAUTY PURCHASE:  i didn’t really change any makeup i use, but i did start using this shampoo + conditioner + this dry shampoo, all by kristin ess. 

BEST HABIT YOU CREATED:   i stopped looking at all the socials before work. i also made the decision to put my phone away after 9 pm. these were great habits to implement + i foresee trying out a “social media sabbath” in the coming year. 

FAVORITE BLOG POST WRITTEN:  things i love. this started as an instagram post, but i was limited on characters, so i shared the full list. i already have a list going for another post. 

BEST NEW RECIPE:   this hashbrown casserole is my favorite! [and since we're talking about food: my favorite new (to me) restaurants in ICT were district taqueria + sabor. SO GOOD!]

BEST LIFE OR MOM HACK:   i still do one load of laundry per day. it keeps the whole process manageable from start to finish. it’s rare that i have a load sitting in the dryer waiting to be folded because i can tackle it the same day due to this simple daily practice. 

BEST MAMA MOMENT:   how much my confidence has grown in motherhood. it’s not necessarily a “mama moment”, but what i have learned is this: jackson needs his mom; not a mixture of everyone else’s mom’s opinions. i find myself no longer looking at what other moms are doing. i make prayerful decisions regarding my son. it has been so freeing to break the chains of comparison when it comes to my mothering abilities.

BEST HOME IMPROVEMENT:  we added a concrete pad to our driveway. jared had been asking me about it for over a year, and i finally said yes. it is so nice to step out of the car and not get all muddy.

BEST LITTLE LUXURY YOU'VE ENJOYED:  this barefoot dreams blanket. it’s so bougie, but worth every penny.

BEST BOOK:  "into the drowning deep" - mira grant. (i also posted a list of my fav reads from 2021.

BEST MOVIE(S):  spider-man: no way home  •  raya & the last dragon  •  air force one (an oldie, but i watched it for the first time + LOVED it!)  •  spirit untamed (this was not necessarily my favorite, but it was the first movie jackson saw in a theater, so i have a sentimental attachment to it.)

BEST TV SHOW:  i watched a few good shows:  the crown, yellowstone, and wandavision. 

BEST ALBUM OR SONG:   fav songs: “love you like that” dagny, “graves into gardens” - elevation, “fighting for me” - riley clemmons, “know You will” - hillsong.

BEST PODCAST:  murder with my husband + drama queens (OTH recaps)

BEST NEWSLETTER:  i am subscribed to several really good ones! my favs include: ashlee gadd, laura wifler, kristen lavalley (especially her wintering series!), + phylicia masonheimer. i really love sitting down with my ipad + a hot cup of something + reading what these ladies share. it's a little luxury in my day. 

BEST FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM:  jessica kraus (houseinhabit). from her deep dives to how coverage of the maxwell trial, she is the epitome of good journalism. 

BEST DATE:  the saturday before my birthday, jared came home early from work and said he wanted to take me downtown for a little celebration. we went to the art market, ate at sabor, went to my favorite plant shop, + stopped by the cutest shop in clifton square. it was such a fun morning with my boys.

BEST FAMILY MEMORY:   our christmas in oklahoma was so fun + many memories were made. 

*this idea came from em for marvelous  
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